3D Printing for science, engineering and design. 

Our flexible 3D Printing and additive manufacturing service gives you fast turnaround options, a wide range of materials and a choice of surface finish & detail levels.

We give you the best choice of 3D printed materials and technology build your design.

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3D Printing Service.

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping.

We take your digital designs and make them real. Our service gives you the latest 3D printing technologies for accurate parts in a wide choice of materials and finishes.

  • Expert Advice.
  • Fast Accurate Quotes.
  • Minimised Turnaround times.

Our Ethos.

Let us help you choose the best material and process for your application. We will 3d print your designs quickly and try and help you avoid any potential pitfalls.

From your initial contact we will give you fast, personalised quotes, advise on the best process and materials for your design and try and highlight potential problems or alternative solutions. 

We're always available to discuss your project by email or a call.  

Helping you get the parts you need, when you need them.

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New Technology. Old fashioned service.

We give you personalised 3D Printing with fast turnaround options and a huge choice of materials to match your design and application.

Choose from our range of Strong and Durable materials for functional parts, through Fine and Ultra Fine Detail for prototyping and model making. Our selection of Flexible, Rubber like and Silicone materials give you prototyping options in a range of shore A values and different elastomers.

Finally our Metal 3D Printing gives you manufacturing for complex in Aluminium, Copper, Steels, Nickel Alloys, Titanium and precious metals.

Metal Additive Manufacturing. Manufacturing for Complex Designs.
AM Metals Design Guide. Click to download pdf.
Fine Detail Service. Prototyping Design and verification.
Ultra Fine Detail. Demanding designs and applications.
Strong and Durable. Functional Parts and prototypes.
Flexible Materials. Simulates Rubbers and Polypropylene.


  • The lastest technologies.

  • Flexible production options.

  • A wide range of materials.

  • Over 20 years of experience reproducing digital content.

  • Our Small company ethos giving you brilliant service.

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Find just the right material for your project with our Materials Wizard.

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OUR Design Guide

for 3D Printing in metals. Download here.

3D Printing Metal - Design Guide


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"I have worked in the Formula 1 sector for 20 years and had various in-house equipment to manufacture demo and sample goods but having left to start my own venture I found 3D-Alchemy a great option to get my sample goods made quickly and efficiently. "

Jason, Product Engineer.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Excellent service friendly staff and a very fast turn around Thank you Guys"

Ken, Technical / Quality Manager.


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