3D Printed 'Digital Materials'

Our new range of 3d printed 'Digital Materials' gives you access to a much wider range of 'Rubber Like' materials with differing properties.

A key benefit to you is that w3d printed rubber like part for testing. The client produced several each with a different Shore value. e can now 3d print 'Rubber like' materials via our 'Fine Detail' service without incurring a material change over fee.

Better, you can 3d print rigid parts in White along with a set of Rubber like parts, each with differing properties in the same build reducing your price further.

Rubber like materials are available with Shore A hardness values of  27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 & 95 where 27 is very soft and 95 is hard.

Digital Materials are also available in 'rigid' form giving you a choice of colours ranging from White through a range of Greys.

Use our 'Fine Detail' service where you need parts with a smooth surface finish or fine detail. Parts produced in Digital materials are printed in 30 Micron layers.