3D Printing Aluminium.

Aluminium 3d printing.


3D Printing in Aluminium. Strong & Durable Service. 


3D print your designs in Aluminium and choose from a range of alloys to suite your application. 


Aluminium is 3D printed using the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) or SLM process.  A very fine metal powder is melted with a laser to produce your design layer by layer. Once your design is complete any support structures are removed and any finishing completed. Unused powder is recycled for use on the next model.


3D Printing in Aluminium can work out more cost effective than traditional 'subtractive' processes, especially where you have complex or intricate designs.  Extra complexity does not add to the price of manufacture as it might with traditional manufacture.

Aluminium AlSi10Mg

AlSi10Mg is our default Aluminium material for 3d printing.

The alloy gives a homogeneous and almost pore free structure and is impermeable. AlSi10Mg offers high hardness values, and good dynamic strength. The nature of the DMLS or SLM process means that the mechanical properties of finished parts are better than traditional casting processes.


AlSi10Mg is ideal for design applications where you need good mechanical properties and low weight. Components 3d printed in the alloy can be subjected to a range of post build finishing processes, including heat-treatment, machining, welding, eroding, micro-blasting, polishing and coatings.



Aluminium AlSi9Cu3

This alloy gives you a material with high thermal conductivity and low density. In addition it's composition gives it good strength and high chemical resistance.


This alloy is typically used to manufacture complex machine and engine parts, where it's properties make it ideal for transmission casings, cylinder heads and engine blocks.



Aluminium AlMgSc ( Scalmalloy®RP )

AlMgSc ( Scalmalloy®RP ) has been specifically designed for aerospace applications. The specific blend of elements gives AlMgSc improved strength over traditional casting alloys.

The strength of components can be considerably increased with a precipitation hardening process, to give a performance which is twice that of T6 heat treated AlSi10Mg.

Finally, parts produced from AlMgSc may be welded and exhibit excellent corrosion resistance.


With high strength and low density the AlMgSc is especially suited to demanding applications, including Motor sport, Vehicle manufacture and Aerospace.

With a strength to density ratio comparable to titanium the alloy is also very tough, making it ideal for safety critical designs.



Supporting information. 3D printing in Aluminium.

Our metal 3d printing service gives you an range of  build envelopes of up to 400 x 400 x 360mm in AlSi10Mg. Other alloys have the following build envelopes:


      • 400 x 400 x 360mm - Aluminium 'large format' (Alsi10Mg)
      • 280 x 280 x 350mm - Aluminium 'standard' for faster turnaround. (Alsi10Mg)
      • 250 x 250 x 300mm - Alsi9Cu3,  AlMgSc ( Scalmalloy®RP )


Data sheets.

AlSi10Mg Datasheet

AlSi9Cu3 Datasheet

AlMgSc Datasheet (available soon).



For important technical and ordering information on our 3d printing in metals, please see our general  'Metals' page.

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Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

3d printing service - example of work.
Metal 3d printing service - example of work.


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"I have worked in the Formula 1 sector for 20 years and had various in-house equipment to manufacture demo and sample goods but having left to start my own venture I found 3D-Alchemy a great option to get my sample goods made quickly and efficiently. "

Jason, Product Engineer.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Friendly, helpful, positive approach. Swift turn-round. Excellent and helpful service"

Chris, medical device development, Switzerland.



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