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3D Printing in Polyjet Vero RGD720


Polyjet rigid materials are a corner stone to our 'Fine Detail' service giving you parts with excellent detail, thin walls and smooth surface finishes. 

The Polyjet 3d printing process jets and then flash UV cures liquid resin using inkjet derived technology. It's ideal for designs incorporating thin walls and fine details and is often used by our clients to produce prototype models for design verification and fit and form testing.

Layer thickness is very thin, with 30um (0.030mm) layers 3d printed as standard with a 16um option for Ultra fine detail printing. Surface finish is excellent and the system uses a wax like support material which is jet washed away.  We recommend that wall thickness or features in your design should be in excess of 0.6 mm to ensure integrity and a reliable build.

Includes the Vero Clear material option.

Fine Detail Builds

Our core Vero materials are and RGD720 and VeroWhite Plus (RGD835). Both are printed using very thin layers facilitating intricate detail with large build volumes. 

RDG720 is a translucent yellow material which gives excellent results for intricate details, as well as offering you a large 500 x 400 x 200mm build volume.

Verowhite Plus is ran along side the Tango Black+ plus material to allow dual and mixed material parts combining flexible and rigid elements.

On occasion we run other Vero materials, including Vero Blue, Vero Black, Vero Grey.

We can run the Digital ABS (RGD515 and RGD535) and High Temp (RGD525) materials as required. Applications include short run injection mould tooling.


To summarise, 3D Printed Vero materials give your designs:

Large format build volumes,  up to 500 x 400 x 200mm in RGD720.

Excellent aesthetics & detail in a white or translucent yellow colour.

Fine individual details and wall thicknesses down to 0.6mm or less.

High levels of accuracy & dimensional stability.

Glue and paint printed parts. How to guides available. 



Clients choose our Polyjet rigid materials for a wide range of applications. Popular applications include scale model kit 'Master' parts for moulding, Fit and Form prototypes for injection moulding designs, museum display models and agency 3D branding development.

Vero Materials Material Properties.

Key properties for selected Vero materials:


  • Vero RGD720 material built in 30um layers.
  • Temperature Resistance of 45 to 50 °C ( HDT )
  • Density 1.19 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength 50-65 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break 15-25%
  • Colour Translucent Yellow

Vero White Plus RGD835

  • Temperature Resistance of 43 °C ( HDT )
  • Shore Hardness Scale D =  83
  • Density 1.19 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength 50 Mpa
  • Izod Notched Impact  24 J/m
  • Elongation at Break 20%
  • Water Absorption (D570-98 over 24 Hr)  1.15%

Common to Polyjet rigid materials:

  • Vero materials are built in 30um layers with a 16um 'Ultra Fine' option. 
  • Typical accuracy +/- 0.2mm depending on design, geometry and build orientation.
  • Build Area - 500 x 400 x 200 mm
  • Jet wash removed Wax like material support system.

examples Vero materials

Winding form. Electronics.

Vero White



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What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Very happy with the service. David gave us a lot of help and advice on selecting the best materials and print options for our model. The results were very good and encouraging."

David, N Gauge model railway project.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Excellent customer service, print quality and accuracy. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone requiring 3D printing services."

Michael, West Midlands



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