3D Printing. Rubber.

Fine Detail service. 3D Printing in Rubber Like materials.

3D Printing in simulated Rubber.  'Fine Detail' service.

Our simulated Rubber 3D printing service is intended where your designs require materials with rubber like or specific tactile properties.

3D Printing in our rubber like materials using our Fine Detail service also gives you a range of Shore A values via the Polyjet Digital Materials technology.  This process blends flexible and rigid materials to give a range of hardness values. The Polyjet 3D printing process produces your designs with a smooth surface finish and is ideal for fit and form testing and confirming designs. 

Better, because the 3d-printing process blends 2 materials you can combine both rigid and flexible elements in a single build to prototype overmoulding and seals. 

If you need to 3D print components for 'end use' applications we suggest the TPU Rubber in our Strong and Durable service,  or enquire about our Vac Casting service.

Different Shore A Values. Mix and Match.

Tango Black PLUS is the base flexible material with a shore A hardness value of 27. Combined with the rigid Vero White Plus material the process gives you a choice of stepped choice of Shore A values through 27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85 & 95.

Our Fine Detail simulated Rubber 3d printing service gives you the option to produce different versions of your design in the same build, with different Shore A values, so reducing the unit price. Mix and Match Shore A values or different versions and evaluate a broader range of options for your designs.

Agilus. New and Improved simulated rubber. 

The new Agilus materials offer improved strength and durability and can also be 3d printed as a digital material by mixing with a rigid polyjet materials. This gives you a more robust simulated rubber in a range for Shore A values with improved tear resistance.

3D print flexible and rigid elements in your design at the same time, and print the flexible elements in different shore A values for comparison in the same build.

We suggest Agilus where your designs have thin walls, require 'stretch' or need to survive longer with repeated flexing.

A final benefit of Agilus is better support removal, leaving your parts with a cleaner surface finish.

  •     Agilus 30 - translucent (FLX935)
  •     Agilus 30 - Black (FLX 985) 

Stand Alone Rubber Like Materials.

In addition to the default rubber like digital materials we also offer optional stand alone Rubber like materials. Stand alone Rubber Like materials under our Fine Detail service come into their own for larger designs which require 3D printing on large format machines and we can accommodate designs which fit into a 490mm x 390 x 200mm build envelope. 

  •     Tango Plus, Opaque\clear (Fullcure930) )
  •     TangoBlack PLUS, Black (Fullcure 980) 
  •     Tango Black, Black (Fullcure 970)



  • Minimum reccomended feature detail or wall thickness of 1mm.
  • Temperature Resistance not published.
  • Build Volume (Digital Materials, mixed Shore A values) 255 x 252 x 200mm
  • Build Volume (Stand Alone, on demand)  490 x 390 x 200mm

Rubber Like materials printed via our Fine Detail service give designers a material with good flexibility and are ideal for use to confirm designs and proof of concept. However, continuous flexing may cause parts to shear or tear and flexibility may reduce over time and in cool environments.

Rubber Like Material Properties

Tango Black Plus (FLX 980) and Tango Plus (FLX930) - Stand alone.

  • Temperature Resistance: Not published, but low.
  • Shore Hardness Scale A = 27
  • Density 1.12 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength 0.8 - 1.5 Mpa
  • Tensile Tear resistance: 2 -4 Kg/cm
  • Elongation at Break 170 - 220%
  • Compressive Set: 4-5%
  • Water Absorption (D570-98 over 24 Hr)  1.15%

Agilus 30  (FLX 935 and FLX985) - Stand alone.

  • Temperature Resistance: Not published, but expected low. 
  • Shore Hardness Scale A = 30
  • Density 1.14 to 1.15 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength 2.4 to 3.1 Mpa
  • Tensile Tear resistance: 5 - 7 Kg/cm
  • Elongation at Break 220-270%
  • Compressive Set: 6-7%

Rubber Like materials, listed in columns by Shore A value. 

Blended from Tango (Black) Plus and Vero White Plus:




Shore 40

Shore 50

Shore 60

Shore 70

Shore 85

Shore  95

Tensile Strength D-412 MPa 1 1 3 3 6 20
Elongation at Break D-412 % 160 140 90 60 55 30
Tensile Tear Resistance D-624 Die C N/mm 5 6 8 13 26 46
Hardness Shore A D-2240 - 40 50 60 70 85 95

 We expect Agilus based materials to be better. Data to follow.

Common to Polyjet flexible materials:

  • Tango materials are built in 30um layers. 
  • Typical accuracy +/- 0.2mm depending on design, geometry and build orientation.
  • Build Area: 255 x 252 x 200mm
  • Minimum reccomended feature detail:   1mm
  • Jet wash removed Wax like material support system.


Examples of our 3d printing in Rubber.

A 3D Printed Rubber 'Grommet'

A 3D Printed Rubber 'Grommet'

A small 3d printed rubber component in our 'Rubber Like' 3d printable material.

3d printed rubber grip over a rigid material.

3d printed rubber grip over a rigid material.

Pictured is a mountain bike grip prototype, combining flexible materials with ridged ones. Our European client asked us to 3d print several grip designs for evaluation.

Spacers in our 3d printed rubber like material.

Spacers in our 3d printed rubber like material.

These spacers were 3D-printed in our rubber like material for a manufacturing application to separate fragile items.

Prototype component 3d printing in assorted Shore A values.

Prototype component 3d printing in assorted Shore A values.

Our client needed to produce their prototype in a range of Shore A values to help determine the final production material. Choose our Rubber Like material in a series of stepped Shore A values from 27 through 95.

A 3D Printed Rubber 'Grommet' 3d printed rubber grip over a rigid material. Spacers in our 3d printed rubber like material.  Prototype component 3d printing in assorted Shore A values.

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What our customers say about our 3d printing service

Just wanted to inform that we received our order a couple of days ago and all seems to be in order. Part and detail quality is good and we couldn't find any defects.
We were particularly impressed with your Polypropylene -like material, Endur. It's much friendlier for simulation of plastic parts and snaps than other materials we worked with before.

Yuri, Design Engineer.

May 2017.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Very prompt service carried out in a very professional manner."

Colin, Process Engineer.



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