3D Printing. Polypropylene.


3d printed Polypropylene (simulated)


3D Printing in simulated Polypropylene.  Part of our 'Fine Detail' service.

Our simulated Polypropylene 3D printing materials are a good fit if you are prototyping designs intended for final production in Polypropylene.

The 'Polypropylene Like', or 'PP Like' materials gives you a 'softer' rigid material making it good for producing parts that feature snap-fit fasteners or where you need to simulate some living hinge applications. The material manufacturer describes their Polypropylene-like material as "tough, highly flexible and durable. It enables you to 3D print precision prototypes that look and behave like polypropylene."

In practice we've found that it is more robust than our standard 'Fine Detail' materials as it is less brittle and more flexible.

2 options. Rigur (RGD450) and Durus (RGD430)

We give you 2 material options for simulating Polypropylene, Rigur (RGD450) and  Durus (RGD430).  Rigur is the previously named Endur material and is a newer material. In broad terms Rigur is a slightly harder, less flexible material compared to Durus.


Smooth Surfaces. Fine Detail.

Our 'Fine Detail' 3D printing service is ideal for rapid prototyping pre production parts & models where fine detail and very smooth surface finishes are required.  3D Printing in our Polypropylene Like material gives your parts:

  •     Very smooth surface finish.
  •     'Translucent' white colour (Durus) or White (Rigur).
  •     Fine detail with 28 micron, 900 dpi 3d printing.
  •     High levels of accuracy & dimensional stability.
  •     Softer material properties.
  •     Opportunity for moving parts & fine tolerances.

Even finer build.     For items where you need maximum detail and the smoothest surface finish we give you the option of printing at 0.016mm (16 Micron) layers.

Polypropylene Like. Material Properties.

Key properties for our Rigur (RGD 450) White Polypropylene Like material include:

  • Tensile Strength of 30 to 35 J/m
  • Elongation at break of 20 to 35 percent
  • Flexural modulus of 1500 - 1700 MPa.
  • Build Volume. Default 255 x 252 x 200mm (plus 500 x 400mm cost option)


For the full material properties for 3D Printed Polypropylene and other materials available for 3D Printing -


Examples of work. Polypropylene Like:

3D Printed part in Polypropylene

Prototype plunger.

3D Printed part in Polypropylene 

Medical Sampling device

3D Printed part in Polypropylene 

Electronics Component.



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What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Got the part, it's absolutely beautiful, you guys are super-awesome."

Tom, automotive engineering student.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"A knowledgeable Company in the World of 3D Printing offering great technical expertise alongside a wide range of materials and finish. Excellent communications, Very good technical knowledge, Good turnaround time, Very good service, Component well packaged. Ability to accept varying formats software & Informative website."

Andrea, Healthcare Science and Technology, Team Leader.



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