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3D Design services

We do 3D design !

Choose our 3D design team to convert your idea's from concept through to finished 3D CAD data and .stl files for printing.

Operating from a fully equipped studio utilising state of the art software tools our team can handle projects large and small and has many years experience producing high quality files for 3d print.

3D Logo's and Branding.

We are increasingly working with creative agencies to create 3D versions of company branding & logo's.

Our skilled 3D designers can usually complete this type of work in short order.  Your Price includes supply of CAD and .stl files back you plus 3D Printed versions of the design.

For speed it's best to supply an base file in a vector graphic file, typically Coral Draw or Illustrator format.

Product Design.

Clients are using our team to assist with developing .stl files for 3d printing and to prototype ideas and product designs.

These range from highly detailed automotive models through to individual components for products in development.

Recent Projects.

Recent 3D Design projects include early stage product design in conjunction with a University, 3D Logo interpretations for a design agency and scale model parts for a World War II aircraft project. A regular request is the recreation of CAD design from 'Free' software where clients are unable to export high quality .STL files.

Examples of our 3D Design and Print.

Some examples of work completed by our design team:

WWII Trick Wheel

WWII scale model wheel.

3d printed company logo

Company logo in 3D

Truck Wheel and tyre

Wheel and tyre combination

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