Large Format 3D Printing. Size Counts.

Metre scale 3D printing. 

We give you a wide range of 3d printing materials and technologies which means that you can choose the ideal 3d-printed material for your application.

For some projects size counts, so we offer selection of materials available in a Large Format 3d-printing service.

How large can you 3d print ?  Your designs can be over 1metre ( 1000mm ) in ABS or ASA 

Here we give a brief overview of your options.


1000 x 600 x 600mm*.  ABS and ASA.

Available for both ABS (Black) and ABS ASA (Ivory) thermoplastics using the FDM 3d-printing technology. These materials can be printed with low density hexagram infill reducing weight and cost. The large build volume is perfect for a range of applications including the re-manufacture of motorcycle fairing panels. 

The system can also 3d-print in a Soluble material which is perfect for sacrificial composite tooling.

Both are functional materials with ASA offering UV resistance. 


490 x 490 x 740mm.  Carbon Fibre.

The maximum build volume for our SLS Carbon Fibre reinforced Nylon material.   Short strand chopped carbon fibre combined with a Nylon base gives one of the strongest 3d printed polymers. 

Applications include drone components and the material serves as a lower cost alternative to additive manufacturing in Aluminium for some designs.


310 x 310 x 600mm.   Nylon PA12 + PA12 GB

SLS Nylon PA 12 and PA12 GB materials are functional materials available in an off white colour.   

The PA materials give you good dimensional stability and temperature resistance, while the self supporting nature of the SLS process is ideal for designs featuring complex internal channels and detail.


500 x 500 x 500mm.  Polypropylene.

Not only do we offer true 3d printed Polypropylene but we offer it with a large format build option. 

Our real Polypropylene offers excellent Elongation at Break, Impact and Chemical resistance. Parts are Air and Water tight while the feed powder is WRAS approved material.


400 x 400 x 360mm. Aluminium (Alsi10Mg) & Inconel.

For metal 3d printing using the DMLS additive manufacturing process we can build to 400m in Aluminium and Inconel. 

The build volume supports manufacturing of valve casings and oil and gas parts or automotive power train cases and components in Aluminium. 

Our metal additive manufacturing service is supported by a full post build machining and finishing service.


490 x 390 x 200mm.  Fine Detail, Colour and Flexible. 

Our Polyjet process gives you a large build area for projects which require Colour or Fine Detail  plus supports the 3d printing of Rubber like flexible materials in a range of Shore A Values. 


Don't forget to use our Materials Wizard to identify the best materials for your project. Select 3d printed materials by a whole range of attributes.



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