3D Printing and Creative Agencies. Why Brands should act now.

3D printing is coming of age for Creative agencies and offers a range of opportunities to help clients to develop and reinforce their brands.

Opportunities for your creative agency are many and varied and offer the possibility of additional work from clients. Examples of work we've already 3D Printed for our Creative agency clients includes brand mascots, brand logo's and Icons.

Creating 3D representations of existing branding is the obvious place to start and Creative agencies and Brands should act now to establish 3D versions of logo's and Branding.

Paper and screen based '2D' logo's and branding can be converted to 3D representations and Brands should attempt to register these as Trade Marks and add them to their existing portfolio of intellectual property.

Once a 3D version of a logo has been created, 3D printed versions should be produced for photography,  display and PR, perhaps using the range of 3d printing technology for reference.

The growth in low cost, desk top 3D Printing equipment means that creative agencies and their clients should address 3D branding now and add the 3D version to their Brand tool kits. Failure to do so may result in ad-hoc unofficial branding appearing which could dilute or damage your Brand imagery.

For example:  An acquaintance purchased a low cost self build 3D printer.  One of the first things he printed was a 3D version of the Toyota logo. A quick web search turns up lots of downloads for 'home made' Toyota logo's produced by enthusiasts of the brand.  If Brands don't take ownership of the 3D version of their logos, fans of the Brand will do it for them !

We can help. Our team of 3D Cad designers can create your 3D Logo's using vector graphic files (eg.Illustrator) as the starting point. Please see our '3D Design' section for further details.