3D Printing. Rubber. Strong & Durable.

Strong and Durable 3D printed Rubber like materials.


3D Printing in simulated rubber. Strong and Durable.

Our Strong & Durable service option for 3D printing in Rubber Like materials is based on the SLS 3D Printing process and is provided 'on demand*'.

Rubber Like materials produced under the Strong & Durable service are ideal for rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing parts where more durable parts are required. 3D Printing your designs in Rubber Like materials using our Strong & durable service gives your parts:


  • Shore A Hardness between 50 and 60 (Scale A).
  • Lightly textured surface finish.
  • Good Detail from 0.1mm (100 micron) layers.
  • Minimum reccomended feature detail or wall thickness of 1.5mm.


Excellent mechanical properties.

The material gives you good mechanical properties including a published temperature resistance of 150 deg. C and the ability to retain its' flexibility in cold environments. In addition it offers good tear resistance.

  • Temp Resistance: 150 deg. C (Max, depending on sealing treatments.)
  • Density:0.5 g/cm3
  • Tensile Modulus: 8 Mpa.
  • Tensile Strength: 2Mpa
  • Elongation at Break: 130%.

Additional post build finishing and sealing processes are available to make the parts watertight if required. If you let us know when you send your file(s) we'll allow for that.

* On demand service ran on an ad-hoc basis for individual clients. 

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Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

3d printing service - example of work.
Metal 3d printing service - example of work.


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"3D Alchemy delivers a very fast and efficient service. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting 3D parts printed. (ABS - Strong\Durable service) "

Brendan, Musician & Developer.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Excellent service friendly staff and a very fast turn around Thank you Guys"

Ken, Technical / Quality Manager.



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