3D Printing. Rubber. Strong & Durable.

Strong and Durable 3D printed Rubber like materials.

3D Printing in Simulated rubber. Strong and Durable.

Our Strong & Durable service option for 3D printing in Rubber Like materials gives you two options for 3d printing your designs. These materials give you the ability to 3d print in flexible, rubber like materials with more durability and better temperature resistance than our 'Fine detail' flexible materials. 

As an 'in between' option, it's also worth checking the new polyjet Agilus material in our 'mixed' Sore A section, which is a possible candidate where your designs do not require a high temperature resistance. Our initial tests suggest it has improved tear resistance over the original Tango materials. 

For best tear resistance and durability checkout our new TPU Rubber 3D Printed material. 

SLA Rubber Like

Our first option is a laser cured resin (SLA) Rubber Like material which is ideal for small parts where the "snip away" support structures are relatively simple.  The material features excellent surface finish (subject to the amount of support required) and fabricates your 3D printed designs in a hardness of Shore A of 80 to 85 and a high heat deflection temperature.    

Applications include prototype automotive parts for testing, plus remanufactured parts for a classic motorcycle restorations.   

  • Build Volume: 145 x 145 x 175mm
  • Smooth surface finish (rougher at support attachment points).
  • Good Detail from 0.1mm (100um) layers with 50um option for small designs.
  • Minimum reccomended feature detail or wall thickness of 1mm.
  • See below for full spec.

SLS. DuraForm Flex.

Our second option for a more durable 3D printed Rubber Like material is our laser melted powder option (SLS) and the DuraForm Flex material.  This process is ideal for larger designs with complex internal structures or overhangs as the base powder material is self supporting. 

The manufacturer describes the material as 'Durable with good tear resistance, plus good surface finish and feature detail'. 

This option is slightly softer than the SLS options with a Shore A value in the 60 range and is also printed using 100um layers, The base powder material gives your designs a slightly textured finish. 

  • Build Volume: 330 x 280 x 300mm.
  • Lightly textured surface finish.
  • Good Detail from 0.1mm (100 micron) layers.
  • Minimum reccomended feature detail or wall thickness of 1.5mm.
  • See below for full spec.

Additional post build finishing and sealing processes are available to make the parts watertight if required. If you let us know when you send your file(s) we'll allow for that.

* This is an on demand service ran on a project by project basis.


Key properties for our 'durable' 3D printed flexible materials:

SLA Rubber

  • Temp Resistance: 230 °C (Vicat Softening Point.)
  • Density:0.5 g/cm3
  • Tear Strength: 13.3-14.1 kN/m.
  • Tensile Strength: 7.7 - 8.5 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break: 75-85%.
  • Shore Hardness: 80-85 A 
  • Support System. Snip away support structures. 

SLS Rubber. DuraForm Flex.

  • Temp Resistance: 150 °C (Melting point, DSC. Depending reductions by any optional sealing treatments.)
  • Density:0.5 g/cm3
  • Tensile Modulus: 7.4 Mpa.
  • Tensile Strength: 1.8 Mpa.
  • Elongation at Break: 110%.
  • Shore Hardness:  45-75 D range 
  • Initial Tear Resistance:   15.1 J/m (Die C @ 23 °C)
  • Support System. Self supporting powder.
  • Sealing Optional post processes to make watertight. (Cost option.)
  • Builds ran on an ad-hoc basis as required by clients



SLA 3D Printed Rubber, showing support structures in place.

SLA 3D Printed Rubber, showing support structures in place.

Re-manufactured classic racer motorcycle parts, showing excellent surface finish and text reproduction.

SLA Rubber Like materials. Picker Pads.

SLA Rubber Like materials. Picker Pads.

SLA Rubber like parts showing support structures in place. These are robot picker pads.

SLA Rubber - Picker pads.

SLA Rubber - Picker pads.

Picker pads once the supports are removed. Surface roughness is somewhat worse where the supports attached but careful orientation when 3d printing ensures supports attach to the 'B' surface and does not impact on the application.

SLS Rubber 3d printed material.

SLS Rubber 3d printed material.

Example parts 3d printed in our SLS Rubber Like material. Bump Stop designs to cushion components in manufacture.

SLA 3D Printed Rubber, showing support structures in place. SLA Rubber Like materials. Picker Pads. SLA Rubber - Picker pads. SLS Rubber 3d printed material.

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