Special Properties: ? Tags to suggest potential applications or desirable properties. Please confirm specific applications and regulatory requirements against material data sheets which are available on request.
Any Durable water-air-tight UV-Resistant High-Chemical-Resistance Bio-Compatible Fine-Detail Colours Clear-Translucent Large-Format Flexible Fire-Smoke-Toxicity Food-Safety Autoclave electrical-insulator static-dissipative Conductive Low-outgassing Soluble
Surface Finish: ? Functional: A rougher, functional finish.
OK: Layers are typically visible in most geometries, or parts are textured.
Good: Layers my be visible in some geometries. Metal parts may be lightly textured.
Best: Smooth parts, Layers rarely visible. Very light texture if any.
Please see our photo galleries for examples of actual builds.
Any 1--Functional 2--OK 3--Good 4--Best
Application: ? A broad classification of typical applications for the material. Visualisation and Prototyping materials are generally are not realistic for production or end use parts.
Any Prototyping End-Use Visualisation Sacrifical-Tooling
Support Style: ? Support technologies can impact surface finish. Supports in enclosed volumes may not be possible to remove depending your design and the process selected.
Any Break-Away Soluable Powder Wash-Away
Materials: ? Broad classification by Material type. There is some cross over between "Rubber Like" and "Ceramic" with "Thermoplastic" and "Polymer".
Any Thermoplastic Polymer Metal Rubber-Like Ceramic Carbon Silicone
Color: ? Default material colour.
Some materials may give you other colour options, and these can be found using the 'Special properties' selection.
Any Black White Grey clear-translucent Ivory-White Black-Grey Tan Variable. variable Full-Colour Copper
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