3D Printing. Silicone.

3D Prined Silicone.

3D Printing & rapid prototyping in Silicone with a new 3D Printing technology. 

NEW IMPROVED Service....

A NEW addition to our 'Strong & Durable' 3d printing service, our Silicone 3d printing service fabricates your designs in real silicone elastomer. 

Silicone offers you many advantages, including excellent stretch and elasticity, consistent mechanical properties through a wide temperature range (Below freezing to above the melting point of other thermoplastics), and our silicone materials have Biocompatibility certification. In addition you can sterilize our Silicone 3D printed parts with steam, gamma radiation electro beam.

Design Freedom. Our Silicone 3d printing process allows for unsupported geometries using a separate soluble support material which is then washed away post build. This makes the 3D Printing of geometries such as flexible 'bladder' type designs with narrow apertures a realistic proposition. 

Real Silicone. Strength & Durability.

Our Silicone 3D printing service is part of our 'Strong and Durable' materials portfolio and ideal for rapid prototyping, pre production and production parts & models where strength and durability are required.  3D Printing in Silicone gives your parts:

  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Aesthetically pleasing look and feel.
  • Wall thicknesses and Individual details down to 0.5mm (and lower) 
  • High levels of accuracy & dimensional stability. DIN ISO 2768-1 v in the X-Y.
  • Strength & Durability with robust material properties.
  • UV and Weather resistant. 

Where you do have enclosed volumes, the soluble support technology requires small exit holes to allow support removal.  

Silicones offer good electrical resistance properties. 

Translucent White, Black, Colour.

3D-Printed silicone is currently available in a translucent white for Shore A values 20A. 35A 50A and 60A. 60A parts are also available in Black.  Custom colours are available subject to a minimum order size. 

Medical Device and Food Industry.

Our 3D Printed Silicone has Biocomatibility certifications to ISO 10995-5:2009 (Vitro cytotoxity) and ISO 10993-10:2010  (Skin irritation and sensitisation) so ideal for healthcare applications including audiology and hearing products, wearables and Prosthetics.   

3D Printed Silicones are in use in Food manufacturing applications and direct food contact, where users have completed self certification to confirm suitability.  

Silicone. Material Properties.

Key properties for our Silicone 3D Printed material:

  • Silicone material built in fine layers.
  • Temperature Range of -30 to 180°c.
  • Elongation at Break 360% to 1000%
  • Tear Strength - 5.8 to 17 N/mm
  • Shore A Values: Choose Shore A = 20, 35, 50 or 60
  • Colours: Typically translucent white. 
  • Biocompatibility according to ISO10993-5 and -10 
  • Build Volume: 130 x 70 x 100mm

Values depend on the Shore A value selected.

Click to download the 3D-Printing in silicone datasheet. Indicative values for Shore A=40

Preferred file formats:   STL or STEP.

Design Guide

Design considerations for silicone 3d printing:

  • Wall Thickness:  ≥ 0.3 (supported walls)
  • Gaps, Spacings: ≥1mm
  • Holes: ≥ 0.7mm dia (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Support technology: Wash away. 
  • Angular designs form better than tapered designs. ie, shallow draft angles are not required. 



Examples of work. Silicone.


Silicone Mesh.

Silicone Mesh.

An example of a silicone mesh 3d printing in Black.

Silicone seal.

Silicone seal.

A seal design in Blue 3d-printed in true silicone.

Clear silicone

Clear silicone

A cap \ seal design on the clear version of our silicone material. The yellow cable tie is sitting under the clear film showing the level of transparency you can expect,.

Silicone End Cap

Silicone End Cap

A nice example of an end cap design which has grippy side features. This one showing the Grey colour. 3D-Printed silicone is UV resistant so a good match for out door applications.

Stepped thickness silicone sheet

Stepped thickness silicone sheet

This examples shows stepped thicknesses of print in white. The top surface has the characteristic gloss finish associated with this process. The layers are 1.3mm, 0.8mm, 0.4mm right to left.

Fine Detail 3D printing in Silicone.

Fine Detail 3D printing in Silicone.

A great example of the superb detail offered by our 3d printed Silicone service.

3D printed keyboard membrane

3D printed keyboard membrane

Thin walls and excellent durability make 3d printed prototype keyboard membranes a great application for 3d printing in silicone.

Silicone Mesh. Silicone seal. Clear silicone Silicone End Cap Stepped thickness silicone sheet Fine Detail 3D printing in Silicone. 3D printed keyboard membrane


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What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"David was extremely helpful in advising materials, the parts were delivered on time and packaged very well. Great Job."

John, Product designer.

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"Excellent customer service, print quality and accuracy. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone requiring 3D printing services."

Michael, West Midlands



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