3D Printing Service.

We give you a range of 3D printing and rapid prototyping production services with fast turnaround times and easy ordering.

Choose from our wide range of 3D printing materials and processes to match your project requirements.

We'll do our very best to help you, keeping it simple and giving you the result you need. If you have any questions about our 3D printing service please call or email. We'll be happy to chat.

Our 3D Printing services can be grouped by the process used to produce your parts and the key attributes the process gives you.  FDM for our 'Strong & Durable' 3d printing service, Polyjet for our 'Fine Detail' service which includes our 'Full colour' options, plus DMLS for 3D Printing in Metals. 

Our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) based services gives strong functional parts while our Stereolithographic (SLA) processes offer Ultra High Resolution 3d printing:


Strong & Durable Strength, Durability, Affordable. Production Materials for 'End use' parts.

Our 'Strong & Durable' 3D printing service

is based around FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) and SLS (Selective laser sintering)  3D Printing and Rapid prototyping processes. FDM is ideal when you need to produce parts using production grade thermoplastics. 3D printing in ABS offers strength & durability and finished items have a textured, smooth finish.

3D Printing using FDM gives you a choice of 'real' production materials including ABS and Polycarbonate, plus a range of specialist 3D printing materials with enhanced properties, including:

  • Bio Compatible.
  • FDA Food Safe Certification.
  • Flame, Smoke, Toxicity (FST) certification.
  • Static Dissipative.
  • High temperature Resistance.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Strength.

Our 'Strong & Durable' 3D printing services in our default ABS Ivory material gives you our lowest cost & fastest turnaround 3D Printing, giving affordable 3D printing to individuals and small businesses.

Our Carbon, Graphite and Nylon materials offer an alternative solution for function parts with Carbon giving you a high strength, light weight option. 

Ceramic sits easily in both the Strong Durable and Fine Detail categories giving you a material choice with strength, high temperature resistance and good detail.  

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3D Printing.  Small features & Thin walls.

Ultra fine print layers Smooth surface, fine detail. Prototyping and 'Fit & Form' testing.

Our 'Fine Detail' 3D Printing service

is based on the Polyjet 3D Printing process produces your design to a high level of accuracy in a translucent yellow material as standard (RGD720). The process builds your design very fine layers of a polymer based material which is UV cured. This combination gives your part a good balance between strength, stability and a smooth surface finish.

The Polyjet process allows you to incorporate thin walls, fine details and moving parts into your design and will produce functional parts consisting of multiple components in a single printing process. For designs with extra detail we give a choice of Ultra fine 3D Printing with 16 micron layers plus a range of Ultra High Resolution processes and materials for demanding designs and applications.

In addition, choose from a wide range of materials and colours. 3D print in our Polypropylene like or Rubber like materials, including a choice of Rubber like materials with differing 'Shore A' values.


3D PRINTING. Full colour !

3D Printing in Colour for Visualisation & Display. Perfect for Architecture & Product design.  

The 3D-Alchemy™ Full Colour 3D printing service produces your designs ready to display. Colour is added during the 3d printing process so no extra painting is required.

3D printing in Full Colour is based on the Polyjet Fine Detail service on the new J750 machine. Perfect when you need to produce models for visualisation & display. Applications include product design, architecture and geographical modelling.


3D PRINTING. Metals and Alloys.

3D Printing in Metals for Prototypes & Production Perfect for Short runs & Complex Designs.  

3D Printing in metals uses the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) process and gives product designers and creatives the ultimate material choice including Aluminium, Titanium and Copper. Laser Sintered powder gives your designs high strength and excellent levels of accuracy and is especially effective where your design is complex and would be difficult to manufacture otherwise.


3D Design Service.

3D Design Service for creating .stl files for 3d printing. Perfect for Creative Agencies & Inventors.  

Our 3D Design Team will help you take your concept and turn it into a 3D Design, producing CAD and .STL files ready for 3D Printing.


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Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

3d printing service - example of work.
Metal 3d printing service - example of work.


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

Just to let you know I have received my items and I'm more than happy with the outcome! Thank you for all your help!

Laurence, Sports accessory designer.

April 2017

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

Efficient and useful service allowed me to test prototypes in aluminium. Discussion allowed concentration on important features for testing. Speed of delivery good. Would recommend.

Keith, Clamp design.

April 2017



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