Nylon 3D Printing Service.

Nylone 12. FDM Printed in Black.

3D Print your designs in Nylon 12 with the FDM Process.  Strong & Durable service.

3D Printed Nylon is your choice for designs and applications where you need to produce Nylon with excellent strength. FDM printed Nylon 12 is significantly stronger than Nylon materials printed with other additive manufacturing processes. 

Nylon 12 is also your material choice for applications with requiring high fatigue endurance. Examples include snap fit designs and friction fit inserts.

The strength and endurance of Nylon 12 make it ideal for custom production tooling plus jigs and fixtures.  Nylon 12 is also ideal for prototyping consumer goods, producing durable prototypes capable of repeated snap fits, clip designs and impact resistance. Covers, panels and impact resistant components also work well in Nylon 12.  

Colour: Black.

We also offer traditional Nylon SLS additive manufacturing, including large format options. Please call for details.

Nylon 12 Material Properties.

Key properties for our Nylon 12 material 3D Printed using the FDM process:

  • Nylon 12 in layers giving upto 80% mechanical strength for an injection moulded counterpart.
  • Heat deflection temperature of 75 to 97 deg C (depending on treatment)
  • Izod notched impact of  50 J/m
  • Default print of 0.254 (254 Micron) layers.
  • Minimum recommended wall or feature thickness of 1mm
  • Build Volume.  406 x 355 x 406mm

For the full material properties for 3D Printed Nylon 12 please see the material properties section -


Nylon 12. Rigid and pliable.

Nylon 12 is capable of sustaining multiple flex iterations without breaking, as demonstrated with a standard 'dog-bone' test part below:


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Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

3d printing service - example of work.
Metal 3d printing service - example of work.


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"3D Alchemy provides a service that even professional jewelers will scratch their head in wonderment over. I definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to explore the brand new territory of direct 3D printing gold and silver jewelry, no matter where they are located in the world."

Jayme, Ring Designer (USA).

February 2018

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"A knowledgeable Company in the World of 3D Printing offering great technical expertise alongside a wide range of materials and finish. Excellent communications, Very good technical knowledge, Good turnaround time, Very good service, Component well packaged. Ability to accept varying formats software & Informative website."

Andrea, Healthcare Science and Technology, Team Leader.



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