Fine Detail Service. Polyjet.

3d printing with Fine Detail.

3D Printing your parts with our 'Fine Detail' service gives you greater scope in your designs with a wide choice of materials.

Our Fine Detail 3D Printing service offers a range of processes and materials designed for prototyping, fit and form testing and visualisation or for designs where walls and features are less than 1mm. This service is also selected by clients producing master moulds for casting and model making.  

Our new SLA equipment offers you excellent surface finish and detail at an attractive price point while giving you fast turnaround times. 

Alternatively the 'Polyjet' 3D Printing process which forms the basis of our 'Fine Detail' service, 3D printing your parts using very fine layers of material which are instantly 'cured' using ultra violet light. The process gives you a choice of a wide range of materials including rigid materials, simulated Polypropylene and simulated Rubbers with a choice of Shore A values.

Materials are dimensionally stable while the rigid materials offer strength. Our 'Fine Detail' process produces your designs accurately making the service suitable for a wide range of rapid prototyping applications.

Smooth surface detail. State of the art.

The 'Polyjet' 3D printing process makes parts with very fine layers of material which means that your designs are 3D printed with a smooth surface finish. In addition you can incorporate thin walls and details down to 0.6mm in rigid materials.

A mark of the accuracy of the process is that you can have moving parts in your designs and combine rigid and flexible materials in the same part.

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 Our SLA-Grey process is a good choice for designs where your design incorporate very small or delicate features or has fine internal channels. Minimum features can be as fine as 0.4mm and parts have a very fast turnaround. Ideal for demanding modelling applications.

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We give you a range of solutions where your designs require Ultra Fine detail printing.

Where you would like to stick with the Polyjet materials, higher resolution is available with even thinner 16 micron layers.

For very demanding designs and applications we offer 2 additional services, our 'Viper' SLA and Projet based services give extreme detail, allowing features and detail down to 0.3mm which a choice of breakaway or melt away support structure systems.

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Flexible Materials. Mix and match.

The 3D-Alchemy™ range of materials give you the flexibility to choose specific materials for your application while the base material is available in several colour choices. Our 'Polypropylene like' materials are popular for designs with living hinges while the 'Rubber like' materials are ideal if you need 'softer' materials or need a specific Shore A value.

Digital materials give you a choice of Rubber Like materials and a range of Shore A values. Your design can combine Rigid and Rubber Like materials to give even more flexibility and the ability to mix rigid & flexible materials during the same build.  Ideal for simulating overmoulded designs.

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Find just the right material for your project with our Materials Wizard.

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Example objects printed with our 3d printing services:

3d printing service - example of work.
Metal 3d printing service - example of work.


What our customers say about our 3d printing service

Great news! I won the Young Engineer for Britain: Engineering Excellence Award at the NEC Big Bang Fair yesterday. I'd just like to thank you again for your generosity and your excellent prints. I'll be sure to recommend your company in future and I wish you all the best.

Michael, student engineer.

March 2017

What our customers say about our 3d printing service

"We have received the impellers and we are very impressed with the quality of the printed parts. Thanks for your help with this order, I’m sure we will be in touch again in the future."

Ian, Design Engineering Team Leader.

August 2017



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