How to: Repairing .STL files

Netfabb offers a free version of it's professional software to users to give you an excellent .stl viewing, checking and repair tool. 

It's available to download from:

We encourage clients to review stl files output from CAD software before sending for print. CAD software can output .stl files at low resolution, with errors or unexpected results. Opening the exported .stl files in a different software package will confirm the export has worked as expected.

The repair function in Netfabb gives some scope for fixing minor errors.

To repair files in Netfabb:

  • Load file in Netfabb.
  • A red exclamation mark and\or red sections on the part will indicate problems.
  • Click the 'Red Cross' icon.
  • Click the 'Update' button. (The details in the statistics section will change).
  • Click 'Automated Repair', then select 'Default Repair' in the pop up followed by 'Execute'.
  • Once it's finished click the 'Update' button to see any remaining issues. Ideally you will end up with 1 shell and zero in the other boxes.
  • Click 'Apply repair' followed by 'Remove Old Part.'

To export the repaired file in Netfabb to .stl format:

  • Click (on the top menu) Part, Export Part, as STL
  • The window will ask you about file names and save locations and show any remaining errors and gives you a further repair option.